I’ve heard through the blog of Profesionales Digitales about what appears to be “the first transmedia novel in Spanish”. A novel entitled “El silencio se mueve ” (“The silence moves”), by the renowned writer Fernando Marías.

In my opinion, black literature, mystery tales, police stories and thrillers are very likely to become transmedia experiments, especially in facilitating the reader’s immersion in the narrative, because the fact of having to resolve puzzles and find clues makes possible the direct involvement of the reader into the story. While obviously is not a requirement to design a transmedia narrative, the present case itself fits within that genre.

The argument of the Marías’s novel revolves around the mysteries surrounding the researcher Juan Pertierra, who has the ability to listen to the silence, inherited from his father. After his death, the investigator is in a tough time, and he receives the visit of Liza and Lisa. From what I have read, Lisa (daughter of Liza) mysteriously disappears from time to time, “traveling in silence”. Back from her trips she always outlines the same drawings.

The novel, if we can call it so, uses a variety of narrative techniques, as several short stories, a comic book, some websites and even a phone number that readers can call to know more about the character.

I have not had occasion to flip through the book, but after the reviews I have consulted I can not wait to go to the book store to buy a copy. I promise to tell you my experience once I finish reading it, in case it has a clear preconceived end…

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