Today I leave a brief post with four clear examples to understand what is attempting to define the term “transmedia storytelling”.

The Witness

Dark Knight

Pandemic 1.0

The truth about Marika

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  • Murat

    facinating media concept! i believe the paradigm shift will happen when enough technology and creative ideas accumulate to affect the contents of a feature film while it plays in the theater…

  • Signe

    Thank you for compiling these examples.  I’m googling for more.  Would love to see examples of indie projects too.  Changing times for Movie Makers, and for audiences.

  • jaime

    That´s the most  stupid thing in the world!,
    There´s millions of the population in the world hungry… and for some reason the people don´t care.
    I like the movies but I think is too much money to do entertainment for “first world” and nothing for the called third world.
    That´s will be a great thing just when the hungry and war in the world finish, before is just a waste of time and resources. 

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